Nashville TN

Most memorable summer vacation: Nashville Tennessee with the Fam!

 Leaving Sac.

For these 2 little guys (my nephews) and their dad (my brother), it was their first time on an airplane! Not to mention my low number of flights myself but I was the experienced flyer on this trip.

Once in Tennessee we got to tour the Jack Daniels distillery and learn all about Jack himself and the small town of Lynchberg TN. (Fun Fact: Lynchberg TN is actually a dry state but Jack Daniels distillery is right in the middle of it. Only alcohol sales in the county come from the gift shop of the distillery.)

 My Brother

 Gentlemen's Jack.

I could go on forever with all the pics and moments but I'll save you all the time..... just know it was an awesome trip!

 Cooter's Dukes of Hazzard Museum and Shop

 Broadway St. (aka Honky Tonk Row)





Alaska, the last frontier...

I'd have to say my most memorable summer event/vacation/activity/moment would be from the summers I spent working in Alaska.  Hard to describe the sheer beauty this secluded part of the world had to offer.  While I am still fortunate to be able to visit this place every summer, I will never forget the months that I actually lived there.    

Everyday seemed to bring something different and magical to my small town eyes. Things like, "Winnie" our friendly neighborhood pet harbor seal.

Or firework mishaps on the 4th of July...

Free willy sighting...

the largest fish I have ever seen! (this was the 2nd fish I caught while there lol)

I'm so thankful to have been able to experience Alaska in the way I did.  While most days were spent doing back breaking labor, it was all worth the memories and friendships I made along the way.




Hello everyone!


By far my most memorable summer vacation was when I studied abroad in Barcelona in 2014. It was my first time out of the United States and the first time I had traveled out of the Central Valley without family.


Although part of my time in Barcelona was spent in class and writing essays, there was plenty of time for me to explore the city, take a party bus to Pamplona to watch the running of the bulls (emphasis on "watch" as there was no way I was running but I saw plenty of people get trampled and flipped by the bulls), experience the culture and amazing food, and obviously party with my friends and classmates.


The biggest reason why my trip to Barcelona was the most memorable has nothing to do with what I did there. Rather it was what I saw. I noticed many parents, not from Spain, taking their young children on their annual summer vacation (one of our professors being one of those parents).


My mother, as hard as she worked to provide for us, never had the funds to take us outside of California. The trip to Barcelona created a new goal for me, to be able to expose my future children to the many cultures and countries outside of the United States.


Barcelona 2014 was important for my growth, not just socially, or educationally, but for my overall growth.