Survival Belt 2.0 is finally back in stock! Move fast to get yours before it's gone again.

Survival Belt 2.0 is back in stock!
Grab one now before it's gone again.

Wide Ash Premium Leather Belts

  • Wide Graphite
  • Wide Brass

This belt is made with a natural-milled, pebble grain leather and is wider than our standard belts.

- Fits up to a 48” waist

- Strap width is 1-1/2”

- Straps have measurements printed on the back indicating where to cut

- We recommend cutting two inches above your waist size

- Unique dual-ratchet buckle

- 1-year warranty

- Free exchanges

Watch and Learn

Still a little bit confused or curious about how SlideBelts work? Take a look at this brief video for an overview of some of the basics.