Ratchet Belt Hanger

  • Ratchet Belt Hanger
  • Keep your leather straps looking brand new and avoid unnecessary scratches to your belt buckle with our new, custom SlideBelts belt hanger. This light, yet durable hanger has a matte black finish and securely holds up to four SlideBelts at once. Perfect for your closet, your suitcase or a garment bag.

  • Our ratchet belt hangers are perfect for your belts without holes. They have "prongs" which allow you to hang up to four belts per hanger! Even though our hangers are specifically designed for fitting SlideBelts buckles, it is also compatible with many other types of ratchet buckles. Thinner buckles, such as our Skinny Buckle, are not compatible as they will not fit onto the prongs.

  • If you are like us, and want to keep your ratchet belt's organized and displayed beautifully, you need something that is going to hold up to the task at hand. We have have a 45-day Return Policy & a 1-Year Warranty, to ensure that you are absolutely satisfied with your hanger.

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Assured Quality

We hand-check every product to ensure that it's up to our standards. If we wouldn't wear it, it doesn't go out the door.


No matter how great a product looks on the outside, it'll inevitably run into problems if it isn't carefully designed.

All SlideBelts are made to be reliable, intuitive, and easy to use.

Locking mechanism interacts
with plastic “teeth” on the
leather, giving complete
security and unlimited sizes.
Patent Dual-Lever Ratchet
mechanism ensures
smooth adjustments
Trim To Size for a perfect fit,
and one size makes it easily
Deep Tension Grip makes sure
your leather stays securely
attached to the buckle, WHILE
allowing you to swap out different
leathers or buckle styles.
Bottle Opener.
'Nuff said.
Low-Profile Innovation.
Teeth-like ridges handsewn
onto the back of straps allow
for a low-profile innovation
and 1/4” incremental
microadjustments, giving you
the absolute perfect fit.

We proudly stand behind every single product we make.


When designing our products, we prioritize the quality of our materials. That’s why we’re always working to improve and refine the straps that we offer in each collection.

Cream of the crop.
The uppermost portion of the hide; also the most dense for maximum longevity. Retains natural surface characteristics of the animal and ages beautifully.

Full Grain

Mid-grade choice.
Natural “Full" grain removed & underlying “Top” grain stamped with corrected grain. Hide maintains structural integrity, but scars & imperfections removed.

Top Grain

The economic choice.
Lower layer of hide under Top and Full Grain. Surface covered with synthetic material to give leather fibers added durability.


Cruelty and leather-free. 100% synthetic and no animals were harmed.

Animal Friendly

Not your average Boy Scout belt. Cotton/polyester blend upper with Genuine Leather backing.


Virtually indestructible. Resistant to the elements with almost 1500lb tensile strength. Supports firearms.


Watch and Learn

Still a little bit confused or curious about how SlideBelts work? Take a look at this brief video for an overview of some of the basics.