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Win over $1,000 of sweet gear for our final 12th Day of Giveaways! Enter here before midnight.

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Kickstarter FAQ

Don't see your question here?

Feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to help!

(888) SLIDE-11

Click Here for the Kickstarter Redemption Guide

Kickstarter Rewards

I'm a backer of the Survival Belt Kickstarter campaign. How do I get my reward?

Go to your account page, sign into your account, and click on "Go to Kickstarter Rewards." You can choose your color and sizing on that product rewards page. For complete details, please see the Kickstarter Redemption Guide, which is located here. Please contact us if you have any questions and provide us with your order number.
If you don't recall which reward you pledged for, email and provide the email address used with your Kickstarter account and a brief description such as, "I cannot recall which Kickstarter reward I pledged for."

Why am I receiving survey reminder emails from Kickstarter?

Project owners (including us) have limited control over what emails you receive, especially regarding reminder emails.
Some of you may be receiving emails with the subject line: "Reminder! Fill out a survey to get your reward for Carry Less, Adventure More: Survival Belt." from
In order for the survey to be considered "responded to," BOTH the Name AND address (aka the "Shipping Details") MUST be completed and "Please confirm you've fully read these backer survey instructions:" must be answered with "Yes" or "No."

What size should I order for my t-shirt reward?

Our Kickstarter reward t-shirts are fit to an athletic cut, so we suggest ordering 1 size up from your typical shirt size.
Given the nature of the Kickstarter project, we are unfortunately not able to provide any returns or exchanges on Kickstarter t-shirts.

How can I purchase additional Survival Belt buckles and/or Survival Belt straps or add them on to my reward?

We are focused on fulfilling all of the Kickstarter Rewards first. In order to ensure we can deliver to all of our backers, we have to limit our rewards to the ones described in each reward level. Once we have finished fulfillment of all Kickstarter Rewards, additional buckles and straps will be available for purchase on our website. Because we greatly appreciate your support, once Survival Belt products are available to the general public, we'll email you a discount code that you'll be able to redeem for purchasing additional Survival Belt products.

What's the warranty for the Survival Belt?

Your Survival Belt is built for a lifetime of satisfaction. Each Survival Belt has a lifetime warranty against defects in the materials and the workmanship for 100 years. If, for some reason, your belt does not live up to this standard, you can contact us and we will take care of you. Shipping charges will apply to all exchanges outside of the United States.

How do I exchange an item?

Exchanges will only be honored for uncut/unaltered product and will be limited by availability of inventory. You may only exchange your buckle in the event of a functional defect.
To exchange your Kickstarter Survival belt, please send an email to with the following two pieces of information (Order # and the Item you need to exchange).
Your order number can be located in the order confirmation email that was sent once you completed your purchase. You may also find it located in the upper right corner of the packing slip with your order.
The item you need to exchange.
For uncut/unaltered straps, please supply the color of the strap and the size. Example: Forest Green Size Large.
For defective buckles, please supply the name of the buckle you bought. Example: Matte Black Survivor Buckle.

I don't see my Customer Account Activation email. Where is it?

We sent the Customer Account Activation email to the email address associated with your account pledge. Please check that inbox, along with your spam folder. If you still can't find it, please email us at with your full name and email, and we'd be happy to send you a new Account Activation message.

I'm a Hunter reward backer, when will I receive my complimentary belt?

To express our gratitude for you backing the Hunter buckle, we will send Hunter reward backers a free SlideBelts black genuine leather belt with a Gunmetal buckle. If you already completed your reward order, you don’t need to do anything. We’ll be sending your complimentary leather SlideBelts belt together with your rewards and not separately.

Survival Belt Product

Where is the Survival Belt produced?

To deliver a rugged, reliable, and useful product in the context of a Kickstarter project, we've selected the best manufacturing partners. This involves manufacturing some items overseas. Our design, engineering, sourcing, and distribution partners are based in the United States and the United Kingdom, along with SlideBelts 22 member team located in California.

What are the technical specifications of the Survivor Buckle and the Hunter Buckle?

The buckle body is composed of glass-filled nylon for these buckles. Each buckle weighs approximately 80g total. The integrated fire-starter is a 45 mm long Ferrocerium rod that creates an intense shower of sparks, reaching temperatures over 2,500° F. It is rated for 1,000 strikes. The fire starter rod is removable. The multi-tool is integrated into the underside of the buckle via a folding, liner-locked mechanism. The multi-tool is composed of heat-treated AUS-8 stainless steel and has an HRC (hardness rating) of 59 +/- 1. It is 50 mm in length and 2.0 mm ± .1 mm in thickness, ending in a modified tanto tip. The multi-tool is not removable.

Is the stainless steel Survival Buckle still an option?

After evaluating offering a stainless steel buckle, we determined it would not be a feasible option to offer our backers. We’ll continue researching if a stainless steel buckle can be offered in the future. Please contact us if you're concerned with not receiving a stainless steel buckle for this campaign and we can discuss your options.

Why glass-filled nylon for the Survivor and Hunter buckles?

Glass-filled nylon is utilized in a variety of outstanding outdoor products. Some examples of products that are composed of glass-filled nylon include binoculars, handheld GPS units, walkie-talkies, rifle scopes, knives, and handgun grips.

1. It’s tough and rigid with very high impact strength. 2. It’s resistant to chemicals. 3. It offers low moisture absorption and can withstand exposure to humidity. 4. It’s lightweight, but still extremely durable. 5. It helps reduce and limits the bulkiness of the buckle that we encountered with prior runs. 6. It won’t degrade under U.V. exposure.

I'm between sizes for the Survival Strap, which size should I choose?

The actual full length of each strap is a few inches longer than the indicated waist size. XXL straps are 56", XL are 50", L are 46", and S/M are 42" in total length. We provided "fits up to a... waist" to be safe for sizing given adding the buckle reduces the available length, personal preferences vary on having additional strap, and how pant sizes can vary among brands. Therefore, there are a couple of inches of leeway for each strap. It's personal preference for how much additional strap you prefer that extends out from the buckle. To be safe, you can always order a larger size strap and trim it down. See "What is your sizing guide?" and "My Survival belt is too long, what do I do?" for additional details.

What is your sizing guide?

Straps are 1-1/4" (3.2 cm) wide. Lengths range from S/M 28"-34" (71-86 cm) waist to XXL up to a 48" waist (121 cm). Click here for a sizing guide. Buckles are 1-3/4" (4.5 cm) wide by 3-5/8" (9.2 cm) long.

My Survival belt is too long, what do I do?

While the Survival Belt has been pre-trimmed for you based on your size preference, you may trim it further for extra customization. A pair of heavier duty snips or shears are best for trimming the length of the strap. Please use caution when trimming your strap.

What's the Survival strap made of?

The Survival straps are made of a proprietary blend of synthetic materials, including polyester, and do not use any leather. The straps have a durable PVC/polymer protective shield with an extremely strong internal webbing.

What's unique about the Survival strap?

The straps have high tensile strength and are designed to remain rigid and not twist. The material is superior to normal nylon straps in almost every way, including mold resistance, cleanability, UV protection, and abrasion resistance. The straps are made in the U.S.A. and comply with U.S. FDA skin-sensitivity requirements.

How can I clean my Survival Strap?

The strap material is highly resistant to staining, even from substances such as blood or ink, and thus can be easily wiped clean with soap and warm water. If necessary, you can also use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to sanitize.

Can I get on a commercial aircraft carrying my Survival Belt?

At this time, you cannot pass through the security checkpoint with a Survival Belt buckle. You are able to pass through with just the Survival Belt strap. We recommend packing the Survival Belt buckle in your checked luggage that travels under the plane and complying with all relevant aviation rules while traveling to your next adventure. For the most current U.S. federal regulations, please visit

Kickstarter Shipping

How long will my Kickstarter reward take to arrive?

Base belt rewards have shipped. If you haven't received your base belt reward please email with your order number. Survivor and Hunter belt rewards will be delivered in the fall. The fulfillment process is in different waves so we appreciate your patience. Unfortunately, we cannot provide specific shipping dates for each reward. You will receive a shipping confirmation email (from with your order number and tracking information once your Kickstarter rewards are mailed. Please ensure is in your safe senders list.

Can I get overnight shipping for my Kickstarter Reward?

Given the nature of the Kickstarter project, we are unfortunately unable to offer overnight shipping on any Kickstarter Survival Belt products.

I purchased Non-Survival Belt products. Do I have to pay for shipping, and when will they ship?

If you purchased Non-Survival Belt products (Leather, Canvas, Buckles, Wallets, etc.) continental shipping in the United States is free! Continental U.S. orders with Non-Survival Belt products typically ship within 2-3 business days. Only continental U.S. orders with Non-Survival Belt products are eligible for expedited shipping* for an additional fee.

*Express shipping is only available within the continental U.S. Express shipping orders must be placed Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) and will arrive within 3 business days. Express shipping is via USPS Priority Express and costs $20.66 USD per order.

International orders with Non-Survival Belt products will have to pay for shipping, which varies by country. International shipping times vary by country, but typically ship within 2-3 weeks.


How can I become a Survival Belt wholesaler?

We're considering expanding our SlideBelts family with a select group of partners in 2016. If your company is interested in partnering with SlideBelts, please complete and submit the wholesale form here.

When will the Survival Belt be available at my local store?

We're reviewing a select group of Survival Belt retail partners for 2016. Thus, the best place to purchase your Survival Belt is via!