We made the Inc. 5000 list... AGAIN! Check out our ranking here

We made the Inc. 5000 list... AGAIN!
Check out our ranking here


  • Kickstarter Focus Group

    Verifying product direction and feature requests.

  • Selection of Manufacturing Partners

    Final partnerships are formed and relevant terms are agreed upon.

  • Finalize Preliminary Product Designs

    Finalize early sketch drawings and hand off to CAD (computer-aided design) team.

  • Create Initial CAD Files

    CAD team takes drawings and converts it to 3D models (CAD files).

  • Industrial Design Phase 1

    Revisions to the CAD files of our initial prototypes. Research, review, and assessment of possible materials for the buckle. Review thickness, width, and material of straps.

  • Industrial Design Phase 2

    Test runs of strap prototypes with changes to thickness, width, and material. Sourcing samples of the fire starter and multi-tool.

  • Industrial Design Phase 3

    Produce additional prototypes with a review of changes for manufacturing.

  • Selection of Final Dimensions and Finish of Straps

    Testing complete for functionality and appearance of straps. Tooling adjustments made to achieve final specs.

  • Industrial Design Phase 4

    Iterate between CAD changes and new prototypes. Cast parts of the fire starter rod and multi-tool.

  • Finalize the Selection of Sourcing of Components

    Fire starter rod: Testing complete including for repeated strikes & sparks generated. Multi-tool: Durable material, proper heat treatment, edge surface that can properly cut & integrated safety lock. Establish a complete list of all raw materials.

  • Final Prototype

    Fully functional prototype in final materials finished. Finalize the assembly process of the components. Proper fit, interaction, and functionality tested and confirmed.

  • Packaging Design

    Final design is submitted and production moves forward.

  • Compliance

    Survival Belt complies with relevant CA laws and U.S. federal laws.

  • Tooling Process

    Deliver fire starter rod and multi-tool components for production. Prepare all machines, molds, etc. to produce and assemble the Survival Belt. Molds are cut to exact specifications and dimensions unique to the Survival Belt. Evaluate adjustments to tooling.

  • Production Runs

    Review and test first run in order to improve fit and quality. Consult with engineering team to assess if a second run is necessary. A few test units have been thoroughly reviewed. Overall production process has been refined.

  • Production

    Official finalizing of the tooling, build, and review processes. Final touches for the Survival Belt to roll off the production line!

  • Product Ramp

    Increased production while adhering to quality control standards.


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