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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Emmeline Wilson

The Tribe Has Spoken...

One word we have been throwing around a lot lately is survival. Let’s take a step back and really think about what this word means. What is the root of its meaning? To live. To overcome. To endure.

To survive is a primal instinct. For as long as our species has been considered “modern”, we have had our shamans, medicine men, doctors, priests to aid in survival. And they have been revered because survival is important. To live. To overcome. To endure.

And so, as with everything, we had to make a TV show about it. Survivor. Where contestants have to be willing to try new things and work together to accomplish tasks.

I am excited to announce that we will be holding our very own SlideBelts Survivor Challenge! Psych. We will be holding a company outing - Painting with Rita on Tuesday, Aug. 23rd from 1-4pm! Everyone will get to paint pretty pictures, learn a new skill (maybe), push creative boundaries, and soak in the wondrousness that is spending time with one another. I hope you’re excited to live, to overcome, to endure, and to thrive.

This may or may not really be the first challenge of SlideBelts Survivor. And the winner may or may not receive a lovely necklace prize: 


If anyone is unable to attend, please let me (Emmeline) know.