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NEW SURVIVAL BELT 2.0: Better materials + added security. Pre-order & get a free strap! Details.

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Trevor Cummings

The Abyss Of Death

Hey Team

How many of you keep up on your daily Elon Musk news? This dude is always exciting considering that he has been launching rockets into space for years, attempting to get us to Mars, and churning out electric vehicles which help maintain our current planet. He is constantly making headlines.

A few days ago, he once again made headlines with his new CEO compensation plan. Elon Musk isn’t exactly hurting for money, but this new plan has risky written all over it. Elon has agreed to stay on as Tesla’s CEO for the next decade but will only receive compensation IF he hits a series of “jaw-dropping milestones”. Long story short, Tesla is currently worth about 59 billion dollars and if Elon wants to get paid he must raise Tesla’s value to 650 billion dollars!

Can you imagine the vision this guy must have to make a BET like that? Maybe he’s just crazy, maybe this is all a publicity stunt, or maybe Elon is a freaking genius. IDK, but he’s doing a heck of a lot more than the Kardashians.

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