Michelle Whitehead

Random Fun Facts

Hey guys, happy Wednesday! Here are some awesome Disney tidbits to brighten up your day!

- One of Walt’s first art jobs was drawing cartoons for a local barber in exchange for haircuts.

- The plants in Tomorrowland are all edible

- Disneyland originally opened with only 18 attractions (and 14 of them are still around!)

- Park admission was only $3.50 when it first opened

- The Sleeping Beauty Castle is the only Disney park castle that has a real functioning drawbridge

- A time capsule was buried at the Sleeping Beauty Castle in 1995

- Cast members can’t use one-finger gestures (they have to use their pointer finger and middle fingers to point versus just using their pointer finger.)

- For a couple of years, Disney held the patent for Technicolor, making him the only animator allowed to make color films.

- Disneyland, California, was built in the early 1950s, opening in 1955. Anxious to be on site as much as possible, Walt built an apartment for his family above the 'Fire Department' on Main Street. A lamp in the window signaled to staff that he was in residence, and this is now always alight in his honor. 

- Mickey was also the first animated character to talk. His first words, in 1929 cartoon The Karnival Kid, were 'Hot dog!'

- The horses that pull the streetcars along Main Street in Disneyland have rubber-soled shoes, officially to protect their legs, but with the added benefit of lending a distinct 'clip clop' sound to carriage-based jaunts.

- The original people who voiced Minnie and Mickey Mouse were married in real life.

- Disney was sued by a biologist for the "defamation of hyenas" in The Lion King.

- Mortimer Mouse was the name originally meant for Mickey, but Walt's wife convinced him to change it because Mortimer sounded pompous.



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