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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Cassidy Myers

Monday Mornings

So many of my friends and family get what we call the "Sunday night blues"...which then turns into the "Monday morning blues"...which inevitably seems to have a side effect of carrying through the whole week until some time on Friday.


Gary Vaynerchuk, who you should definitely Google if you're unfamiliar, released a Facebook video Friday morning that quickly went viral for the in-your-face truth it contains. He says, "It breaks my heart. My friends live for Friday night. Like, Monday morning is the worst. I just can't wrap my head around, you can make sh*t happen." 


He continued to wax poetic about the endless opportunities for new business ventures, networking possibilities and side hustles in the age of the Internet, before taking it a step further, "You could've ended up being a bus, or a tree...I'm gonna own Monday morning, I'm gonna make you Saturday, Monday morning! Please, take a step back and think about how awesome it actually is, and then realize that you can attack the world in a totally different way."


We all know what an incredible company we work for, so the "Sunday night blues" that some of my friends and family get before heading into a new week for a company they don't like, likely doesn't pertain to any of us in that way. However, occasionally it's inevitable that Monday mornings are just harder than others - on this Monday morning, though, take Gary's words and let's make sh*t happen. We're here on purpose, for a purpose. Let's make the most of it.


(Watch the 2 min video if you're in need of a boost this morning: