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Courtney Eilhardt

Manners - a little goes a long way

Have you ever been out with a group of people at a restaurant, when you suddenly become aware of which of your party has ever worked a customer service job, and which of them have not? It’s pretty obvious to tell the ones that haven’t -- they’re usually impatient, and don’t give the waitstaff or servers much regard besides instructing them how they prefer their steak cooked.

When asking a candidate about their “favorite and least favorite part about their experience at xyz customer service job,” we can usually guess that the answer will be the same for both parts: the customers. We often hear “My favorite part was the great customers that I really connected with, and my least favorite part was the customers that could be…..” and then they trail off as they search for an appropriate but fitting term.

Whether you’re giving the customer service or receiving it, a little goes a long way to make or break someone’s day. It’s no secret that we highly value giving our world class guest service here, but it’s also important to remember to graciously receive excellent customer service through manners, being extra grateful to people who go above and beyond for you as a customer.



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  • Michelle President and Creative Director
  • Navi Senior Administrative Officer
  • Rick Chief Operations Officer
  • Matt Logistics Manager
  • Mark Remote Guest
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  • Jeff Wholesale Brand Manager
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