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Bryan Galyardt

Lake Tahoe

Lately I have been reflecting on the opportunities that I have been given, specifically living so close to Lake Tahoe. Living so close to this destination is amazing all year round. I have always had quick access to this place, but never really appreciated it fully. I have been fortunate enough to have experienced my fair share of South Lake Tahoe, but I was never truly thankful for all that it has given me.


This paradise has offered a winter playground of truly awesome ski resorts to me and my friends for years. This winter I have had some days where I rode the mountain alone. These days have allowed me to talk with strangers and make new friends. I have gained a greater understanding that Tahoe is a very popular place for vacationing. I may not live in this area for the rest of my life, so I want to enjoy its splendors while I can.


This just makes me think that everyone should remember the good things your environment offers you. You may not be able to have access to these same conditions ever again, so why not experience everything you can? Try that new restaurant and go to those local games. I say enjoy where you live now and always be ready for the next adventure that your hometown may offer.


This is just a photo of me and Shannon on a hike around Emerald Bay a few years ago.





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