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Michelle Whitehead

Easter Fools Day

Alex reminded me that April Fools day AND Easter are on the same day this year, woo hoo! #EasterFoolsDay

Here are a few fun activities I found that can make an ordinary Easter day into an Easter Fools day! These are especially great if you have kiddos!

- Easter dinner? Add in some food coloring, green always gets a good reaction!

- Going somewhere formal? Wear a wig to surprise your family! Bonus points if you choose something pink and purpleĀ šŸ˜‰

- Need an awesome Easter dessert idea? Make candied apples but replace the apples with onions! Get your camera ready for those funny faces!Ā 

- Have an ice dispenser? Put jelly beans inside! - Dying Easter eggs? Keep a few of them raw (remember to mark these) and prepare for the fun mess that comes with it!

- Easter basket? Replace the candy and chocolates with veggies like brussel sprouts and broccoli! You can even wrap grapes in foil, they look just like those mini chocolates!

- Peeps? Create a hole on the underside and fill the peeps with anything you want (Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard, Hot Sauce)!

Hope you all enjoyed these, let us know if you come up with any diabolical Easter Fools ideas of your own!

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