Navi Singh

Train Your Brain for Positivity

Happy Tuesday Crusaders!


The year's shortest month has come to a close. February sales wrapped up with solid gains. Gross sales topped $820k. February of 2016 sales is up 400% compared with February of 2015. Another record breaking month. Great job Team!


Did your know happiness makes your brain work better? Here are 4 Ways to Train Your brain to see things more positively:


Scan for the 3 daily positives. At the end of each day, make a list of three specific good things that happened that day and reflect on what caused them to happen. The good things could be anything -- bumping into an old friend, a positive remark from someone at work, a pretty sunset. Celebrating small wins also has a proven effect of powering motivation and igniting joy. As you record your good things daily, the better you will get and feel.

Give one shout-out to someone (daily).  Take the positive things you're getting better at recognizing and let people know you've noticed. Take a minute to say thanks or recognize someone for their efforts, from friends and family to people at work.

Do something nice. Acts of kindness boost happiness levels. Something as small and simple as making someone smile works. Pausing to do something thoughtful has the power to get you out of that negativity loop. Do something nice that is small and concrete like buying someone a coffee.

Mind your mind.  Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment without judgment. Opening our awareness beyond the narrowness of negativity can help bring back more balance and positivity into the picture.



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