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Cassidy Myers

Fatherly wisdom

I know I've written about my Dad before, but as it turns out, he's a pretty wise guy (don't tell him I said that) here I am with more of his fatherly wisdom.


I can't tell you how many times when I was growing up that I would come to him with frustration from a bad basketball game, friend drama, a bad grade on a test, etc. Sometimes when you're down, you just want someone who will commiserate with you, tell you that friend is just being immature or agree with you that the coach made the wrong decision in the game. For better or for worse, my dad never did that. Just about every time, he would respond with perhaps the best advice he will ever give me by saying, "Well, if that's the worst thing that happens to you all week (or month or year, depending on the severity), then it'll have been a good week."


Until fairly recently, I would just roll my eyes and go find someone else who would vent about my problem with me. However, in the past few years I've really, really started to appreciate his saying and this way of thinking. I've even found myself saying it more often than I'd like to admit - to myself, to my boyfriend, to my sister, to my dog...


The overarching point of what he was trying to tell me was that things could always be worse. To count my blessings, good or bad, because the good is always a blessing and the bad could always be worse. It might seem easier said than done just reading these words on this screen, but it might be worth it to try reminding yourself of this next time something goes wrong. You might be surprised at how it changes your thinking when you hear the words in a moment of anger or frustration... "If this is the worst thing that happens all week, it will have been a good week"


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