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Navi Singh

Sushi Day

Happy Tuesday Crusaders!

The votes are in, and Sky Sushi reigns supreme for our monthly company lunch. With Sushi on the mind, I wanted to share several fun facts that compiled to give you a greater appreciation of the culinary tradition.


1. Sushi has always been the cosmopolitan. The image of a sushi chef at the top of a secluded mountaintop is a false one. Sushi has always been most strongly associated with Tokyo, so much so that the term for the most commonly adopted style of sushi (edomai) derives from the old name for Tokyo (Edo). 

2. The earthquake of 1923 brought sushi off the streets. Previously, sushi was exclusively a street food, but the devastation from the quake destroyed so much of Tokyo that real estate prices dropped, allowing sushi chefs to afford brick-and-mortar restaurants.

3. The oldest type of sushi in Japan tastes like cheese. Near Lake Biwa in Southern Japan, they still follow old-school, pre-refrigeration sushi techniques of filleting carp, packing those fillets in vinegar rice, and leaving them to age for up to three years. The result is a fermented local delicacy called funazushi that our expert said tastes similar to a pungent cheese.

4. Salmon is technically a white fish. It gets that orange color from a diet of crustaceans.

5. Bluefin wasn't always so desirable. Nowadays bluefin tuna is one of the most expensive sushi delicacies. Case in point, in 2013, a 500lb fish sold for a record-setting $1.8 million in Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market. 

6. Japanese knives are sharpened differently. Unlike the sharp objects that cut food in the West, most Japanese knives are sharpened only on one side. They cut on the pull stroke rather than the push stroke, allowing chefs to keep their elbows close to their side.

7. Sashimi's translation makes perfect sense "Sashi" means cut, "mi" means body.



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