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Jordan Lee

The Last War

Happy Thursday!


While it's helpful to learn from the past, it can also be easy to become trapped by it. There are two primary ways that this can happen:


1) Stagnation - Refusing to change one's patterns or behaviors because they've been beneficial in the past. This becomes a problem when you continue to fight the last "war" instead of the one that's going on now. To create a strategy for today, you need to look at today's circumstances.


2) Regret - Constantly thinking about past mistakes or missed opportunities. There's a thin line between learning from your mistakes and being consumed by them. If you make an error that really bothers you, consider it carefully, extract a lesson from it, then LEAVE IT ALONE. 


Both of these things are illusions that you create for yourself. Thus, they are ultimately under your control. Don't make more problems for yourself if you don't need to.