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Cassidy Myers

Defying ability

If you didn't watch the NBA All Star dunk contest on Saturday night, you've likely at least heard people talking about the ridiculousness that took place. Basketball fans have been saying for years that the dunk contest is dead - MJ dunked from the free throw line, Vince Carter went between his legs, Blake Griffin even jumped over a Kia. We've become spoiled, and incredible feats of human athleticism are no longer as impressive as they once were. Jumping out of the gym is not enough and added elements of difficulty are necessary, which is why Saturday's dunk contest between Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine has officially dethroned MJ and Dominique's famous 1988 duel as the best dunk contest of all time in my eyes. 


Zach LaVine was the eventual winner, but it was Aaron Gordon who had (arguably) the most jaw-dropping dunk in contest history when he jumped over his team's mascot and went under BOTH legs with the ball before dunking it behind his head. He literally took a seat, in mid air, with his head at the rim. That is RIDICULOUS. 


The moral of the story here is that just when you think you've evolved and become the best version of yourself and you've gotten the most out of your can still surprise yourself by jumping 10 feet in the air over Stuff the mascot and pull off the greatest dunk in dunk contest history. Never stop evolving, never stop growing, never stop pushing the envelope ?

(And if you want to watch a quick 1:50 YouTube video of the '88 and '16 dunk contests spliced together, you tell me which one you think was better...)


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