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Cassidy Myers

Art of the Scramble

My dad is the typical middle child - he could literally talk to a brick wall for hours and he loves being the center of attention. This is the same man who stole the microphone at a family friend's wedding and sat in the corner telling jokes until someone found him, slid across the dance floor on his stomach at a dive bar the first time he met my boyfriend, and was the only parent to run out on the floor (and into the team huddle) to celebrate with my high school basketball team when we beat our rivals in a playoff game my Senior year.


He was "that" dad, who annoyed me and my sister to no end - he definitely deserved it for yelling "I LOVE YOU, CASSIDY AND JULIA!!!" out the window when we would drop us off at school - but the one who all of our friends told us they wished was their dad.


Now, at the ripe old age of 27, we've gotten to a point where his wisdom and his life lessons overshadow the extreme embarrassment. The things he used to say that made me roll my eyes suddenly make all the sense in the world. One of those sayings that he hammered into our heads growing up is that "Life is about mastering the art of the scramble."


A saying that used to just be a string of random words going in one ear and out the other has suddenly become a motto by which my sister and I handle the "rough patches". It's become so engrained that Hughes Marino, the Southern California-based commercial real estate firm where my sister works, has adopted his saying as one of their company mottos. Their design guru even made it into a fancy graphic for the company's use, with my dad's name at the bottom. The ultimate gift for an attention loving middle child, huh? (And yes, he does have one in a frame on his dresser at home...he claims it was a Christmas gift from my sister, but I don't know if I believe that ?)


The saying is applicable just about any way you look at it - relationships, sports, work, etc. Things never go exactly to, ever. Instead of wasting time dwelling on the failed plan, why not revel in the process of mastering the art of the scramble? 


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