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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Jordan Lee


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In The Way of the Seal, Mark Divine (a former Navy SEAL commander) outlines the recruitment process to become a SEAL. Aside from physical and tactical training, SEALs are also expected to have a strong degree of mental fortitude. One of the first questions his trainer asks him is, "What do you stand for?" It's an important question, because it influences how determined you will be in difficult situations. If you aren't clear on what drives you, your decisions under pressure will be wavering and uncertain. 


This question isn't just important for elite military operators. Everyone will encounter situations where they are forced to question whether or not they're doing the right thing. However, if you are intimately familiar with your ethical center, the collection of values and beliefs which define you, it makes your decision-making process much clearer. In the corporate sense, those values might translate to something like our Seven Keys or our Three Crusades. Having these clearly defined makes it easier to decide what the correct "SlideBelts Choice" is in any given situation.