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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Jordan Lee

Paradigm a Dozen

Happy Monday!


If you've cracked open any self-help literature, you'll know there's a lot of material out there on "thinking outside the box." Take the road less traveled, go against the grain, etc. A lot of the time, people take this to mean that you should be a brightly burning maverick who breaks all the rules. However, I don't think you need to be a da Vinci figure who shakes the world on its foundations. I like this quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger:


"After all, what is the point of being on this earth if all you want to do is be liked by everyone and avoid trouble?"


Being "normal" is fine. But if you're holding yourself back from trying something new or unique because you're afraid of what other people will say, then you are doing yourself a serious disservice. If you do something in a way that's even the slightest bit different from how everyone else has done it before, you have contributed something important.