Jordan Lee

Thursday Morning Blogpost

Happy Thursday!


Let's talk about the Fifth Key, Open-Mind Policy. On the surface, it seems pretty straightforward. We're all willing to learn, right? Nobody here is super stuck on their own dogma. However, the Key Text says that you must be able to "learn something from everyone." Learning a lesson from someone you admire or respect is easy. On the other hand, I admit that I often find it difficult to accept a lesson from someone I perceive as my "enemy." Maybe it's because they're expressing it in a rude way. Maybe they're just a jerk in general. But when someone you despise offers up a useful bit of knowledge, it's HARD to bite down and think, "Well gee, Mr. Jerk-Face, that sure is a nugget of wisdom I hadn't considered before. I'll take that to heart." 


However, learning doesn't only come from listening to what people say. It may very well be that what you learn from someone is how NOT to live your life. The important thing is to glean lessons that take you in a positive direction. For example, there was a classmate that I truly disliked because he was a know-it-all and a snob. Over time, I began to realize that part of my aversion to him came from the fact that I myself was a bit of a snob in many ways. This (hopefully) helped me become less of an annoying person, as I worked to be less critical of other peoples' tastes and interests.


You can learn something from almost anyone - even yourself!







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