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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Jordan Lee

Thursday Morning Loop

For anyone who was on the Powerball hype train, it looks like there are already three winners announced for this jackpot! An interesting thing to note is that many past lottery winners have reported that their good fortune backfired on them in one way or another. Sudden, disproportionate wealth can often place a lot of pressure on someone who's not accustomed to it. To a lesser degree, we've also come into an unexpected amount of success in a brief amount of time. With an influx of money comes a host of issues (mo' money mo' problems). Whenever you succeed in a big way, there will always be the following:


Hangers-on: People that want to latch on to you and siphon off a portion of your success.


Haters: People that envy your success and so will find any excuse to criticize or attack you.


Head-rush: A giddy feeling that tempts you to spend your new-found wealth carelessly.


Succeeding is one thing; CONSISTENTLY succeeding is another. There's nothing wrong with celebrating, but it's important to stay focused even when we're doing well. Let's keep this gravy train rolling!