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Jordan Lee

What Goes Up

Happy Thursday!


This week is blazing by! We've encountered a big glut of sales, which I'm confident that we'll be able to handle gracefully. Why am I so confident? Because ya'll are awesome! I know that everyone here is consistent and reliable in executing their duties. And that's what will keep us going strong going far into the future. There are plenty of companies that have a lot of flash and make quick money. But when they begin to neglect their fundamentals, they create a debt for the future. If you've ever procrastinated, you know this feeling well. Sure, you can borrow time and effort from your future self, but the burden of that debt will eventually weigh heavy on you. 


A topical example I use for this phenomenon is Comcast. They're infamous for their poor guest service and inflated prices. They haven't bothered to fix these issues, because until this point, they've essentially been a monopoly. However, now that Google Fiber has begun to slowly encroach on the market, Comcast is scrambling to recover lost ground. Take a look at this email ad they released and tell me you don't smell the feverish desperation: 


It's like McDonald's telling you that they serve their burgers faster than Red Robin. It won't happen overnight, or maybe not even the next few years, but Comcast WILL pay the price for favoring immediate greed over doing their job properly and consistently.


Every time one of us completes a task to the very best of our ability, we further shore up our foundation against the uncertainty of the future.







  • Brig Founder & CEO
  • Michelle President and Creative Director
  • Navi Senior Administrative Officer
  • Rick Chief Operations Officer
  • Matt Logistics Manager
  • Mark Remote Guest
    Service Technician
  • Rylee Product and Guest
    Service Specialist
  • Brian PPC & SEO Manager
  • Kelly Product and Guest
    Service Specialist
  • Hauson Product Manager
  • Jeff Wholesale Brand Manager
  • Marc Sales Manager
  • Cassidy Marketing Communications
  • Andrew Graphic Designer
  • Kevin Distribution Specialist
  • Theo Operations Manager