We made the Inc. 5000 list... AGAIN! Check out our ranking here

We made the Inc. 5000 list... AGAIN!
Check out our ranking here

Jordan Lee


Happy 2016!


First Monday of the year, aw yeah! If you belong to a gym, I would suggest you be prepared for the rush of New Year's Resolution people. However, as per usual, the majority of them will fall off their resolutions within the first month or so. Why is that? Well, there are several reasons why people abandon their goals:


1) Unrealistic - If you haven't worked out at all in five years, it makes no sense to make a resolution to "work out 5 times a week." Why burn yourself out with unrealistic expectations?

2) Vague - People often make broad goals that don't have any concrete actions attached to them. Instead of "I want to gain a bunch of muscle," they should try something like "I will do 3 sets of ten-rep squats every other day."

3) No Deadlines - When you have a super broad time horizon, it becomes easy to procrastinate. Separate your goal into manageable tasks, and then set concrete deadlines for each of them.

4) Lack of a System - The vast majority of people cannot rely on willpower alone to make a major change in their lives. Repetition, structure, and habit are your friends. 


Motivation is great, but it is a feeling. Feelings come and go. Therefore, you cannot rely on motivation to get you through the day-to-day. Create a system with tangible goals and execute on it daily. 







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