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ENDS SOON! Anyone Can Invest in SlideBelts. View Campaign

Jordan Lee


Happy Monday!


This'll be the last (half) week of 2015, so let's finish the year off strong! Don't let your guard slip just because we can see the finish line. Stay on the details and beware the influence of complacency. 


I hate vague motivational advice, so let's take a minute to dig into what "staying on the details" actually means, at least to me. The foundation of a detail-oriented mindset is the desire for perfection. That is, the pursuit of an ideal/flawless outcome. Now, in practical application, true perfection is unattainable. With the exception of extreme narcissists, I think we can all agree that, as human beings, we are imperfect. So, anything that we do or make will also be imperfect. In general, there are two extreme polar reactions to this fact:


1. Perfectionism: Fervently deny the truth and give yourself an ulcer in an attempt to perfect every minuscule detail.

2. Apathy/nihilism: Decide that, since perfection is impossible, there's no reason to even try. 


It goes without saying that neither of those choices is particularly healthy. However, you'll still see plenty of people falling into them. So, in my opinion, the position to take is this: "I realize that this will never be perfect, but I'll get it as close as I reasonably can." That requires a little prioritizing and application of your best judgment. It's not as easy as throwing a blanket generalization of "everything has to be perfect" or "nothing is worth bothering with." But it is the most balanced and sustainable approach. So pick your details, pick your battles, and DESTROY them. ^_^ 



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