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"...a shopping mall in cyberspace."

Happy Tuesday!

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We are well aware that November and December are our 2 busiest months of the year. With the thousands of orders, multiple changes to our website including going to an entirely encrypted website, and all of the big and the small wins in 2015, I believe it's helpful to reflect on how far e-Commerce has progressed. In addition, think about how the efforts of others have impacted SlideBelts. 


The "open for business" sign for the Internet came to fruition back in 1994. A little known company at the time, called Net Market Company, which was founded by young college graduates, did something remarkable. According to the New York Times, this company was the first to successfully implement data encryption technology for a guest's retail transaction on the Internet. This guest had to use a Linux operating system and a web browser called X-Mosaic in order to utilize Net Market's data encryption tool. Thus, on 8/11/1994, the first secure online transaction took place.


Think of the tremendous impact the people of Net Market have had on society, when they executed a feat that even large companies and governments had not done at the time. They did all of this in their early 20's working out of the top-floor of a house in New Hampshire. This is an outstanding lesson on the power of innovation, creativity, and execution!


Do you know what this purchase was for? The first person that can correctly identify the general type of product that was purchased, without the assistance of a search engine or a digital personal assistant, will receive a Kudos card from me. 


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