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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Jordan Lee

There is no Try

Happy Thursday!


Since we focus so much on action around here, I'd just like to share a random bit of data I came across. According to research done at an NYU psych study, sharing your goals and plans with others makes you less likely to enact those plans. Why? Well, it's hypothesized that by telling other people about what you're going to do, you feel closer to accomplishing your goal, and thus your motivation to actually DO the thing drops. In fact, there is evidence that simply having a plan recognized by a third party causes the body to release endorphins (happy-making chemical signals). 


So, what should we do about that? Well, the short of it is that instead of talking about our goals, we should take action on them. According to the evidence, talk is not only cheap, it may be costing us! It's nice to have encouragement from people on social media or whatever, but wouldn't you rather have congratulations for FINISHING a difficult challenge, rather than for just discussing it?