Jordan Lee

Rules for Success

Good Mornin' Everybody!


As I meander through YouTube on occasion, I sometimes find myself watching motivational montages and such. Many of them are pretty sappy, but I did like this speech by Arnold Schwarzenegger which outlines his "Rules for Success." Since Arnold has been "in the zone" for the vast majority of his life, I would tend to listen when he has something to say. Here's the short of it:


1. Trust Yourself - You know yourself better than anyone else, so why accept what other people want for you? Trust yourself through the whole process of determining and accomplishing what you desire.

2. Break the Rules -  If you're not breaking at least some of the rules, you're just repeating what other people have done. What's the point of being alive, in this moment, if all you do is skate by and avoid trouble?

3. Don't Be Afraid to Fail - Failure is unavoidable, so there's no point in being paralyzed by it. 

4. Don't Listen to the Naysayers - Pay no attention to the people that say it can't be done. Again, trust yourself!

5. Work Your Butt Off - There is NO alternative to hard work. You don't need to be talented or gifted to practice, so put yourself one step ahead by making the difficult sacrifices to achieve your goals.

6. Give Back - If your success only benefits you personally, it will inevitably ring hollow. Determine what you can give back, whether that be to your community or something else, by being successful.




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