Brian Soell

Are you warmed up?

Good Morning!

I know for a few of us, this is our first holiday season with SlideBelts. Given this week is filled with numerous orders, guest service tickets, and gifts, I thought it might be interesting to break down the numbers a bit. 


Between 11/26 - 11/30 (at 4:30pm) on

  • - Over 4,100 unique visitors to
  • - Over $36,000 in sales on our website 
  • - Espresso with various buckles was the top grossing product & Graphite was the most preferred buckle in this group
  • - Black Genuine with a Gunmetal buckle was the most popular belt
  • - Silver was the most purchased single buckle
  • - As a category, Top Grain Black leathers with various buckle combos, was the 3rd most popular category. Keep in mind, this is the first holiday season we've offered Top Grain belts. 
  • - Almost 1/2 of all visitors accessed our site via a mobile or tablet device
  • - Facebook & Reddit were the 2 most popular social media referrers
  • - We had visitors from India, Singapore, Germany, China, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

These numbers do not even fully reflect Amazon or the Grommet.

Whew...catch your breath, and we will get back at it today.