Jordan Lee


Happy Monday All!


With all this prep work that we're doing, I think it's relevant to go over the importance of initiative. In simple terms, taking the initiative means that you attack a task or situation before it becomes fully realized. The first benefit of initiative is that by neutralizing an issue before it gets its metaphorical britches up, you avoid later hassles. The second benefit is that by being the aggressor and action-taker, you dictate the flow of battle. You've probably all heard the cliche, "the best defense is a good offense." Aside from being something of an oversimplification when it comes to sports, the phrase hold some truth to it. If you can keep the pressure up, you can force your "enemy" to react to you, instead of vice-versa. 


Can you imagine if, instead of packing the Holiday Rush FBA a month or two out, we decided to fulfill each order as it came in? Yeah, ulcer city, here we come. Giving up the initiative means that you have to scurry around putting out fires as they pop up. Being on the defensive is a stressful and uncertain state. That's why we're talking about planning six months to a year ahead. The further out you plan, the larger the chain of action and choice that you make, the less chance there is for being caught on the back foot. 


Hit first, hit hard!





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