SlideBelts X Benjamins Shoes: The Perfect Pair

SlideBelts X Benjamins Shoes: The Perfect Pair

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Jordan Lee


Happy Thursday!


-"SILENAS: Is it not true that a man who drinks steadily is a man who only thinks he is happy?

DIONYSOS: It is so. But if a man thinks he is happy there need be no other expert. For whose opinion would he accept above his own?"


Just to be clear, I don't condone alcoholism. That being said, the above quote brings up an interesting question regarding the nature of happiness. If your eyes are already glazing over as you imagine me dusting off some obnoxiously obscure philosophical theories, fear not! This'll be brief and (mostly) painless. 


I've mentioned it a couple times already, but you know me - if I've said it once, I'll say it another way: You cannot rely on ANYONE to know what makes you truly happy. I'll even take this a step further by saying that there are many people who are intent on pushing their own brand of happiness onto you. I'm sure you've heard something along the lines of, "If only you did X, you would be happy!" If only you had kids. If only you got a cat. If only you learned to water ski.  It's (sometimes) a well-meaning gesture, but it entirely ignores the uniqueness of the individual. If you allow someone else to dictate how you pursue happiness, it creates incongruity, i.e., inconsistency from one part to another, and your soul will grow sick from it. 


Make your own kinda music. Sing your own special song.











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