We made the Inc. 5000 list... AGAIN! Check out our ranking here

We made the Inc. 5000 list... AGAIN!
Check out our ranking here

Jordan Lee

Burning Bright

Happy Thursday, everybody!


Tomorrow is Devil's Night, so watch your step! Eh, say what? Never heard of Devil's Night? That's one of the names for the night before Halloween. Apparently, in certain pockets of New York and Vermont, the night before Halloween is called "Cabbage Night." Go figure on that one.


As with many modern holiday celebrations, Halloween is a hodgepodge of cultural influences. Since time immemorial, there have always been those who cluck their tongues at what they perceive as "cultural dilution." I'm sure you've heard complaints about how Christmas is "too commercialized." Well, how about this: Christmas wasn't even embraced as a holiday by Christian church leaders until the fourth century. So yes, at some point in the 300s AD, you can bet there were a bunch of old folks bemoaning how "kids these days" were too accepting of that crazy new pseudo-pagan "Christmas" nonsense.


The snowball of human culture rolls along and picks up whatever it finds along the way. Is that good, or bad? I don't know. But people, whether as a group or as individuals, are meant to change and grow. Absorb what is useful, and reject what is useless. Treat every experience as an opportunity to learn something new. There are an infinite number of ways to become something greater. 




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