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Jordan Lee

Thought Form

Happy Thursday, Everybody!


"Magic is simply a way of talking to the universe in a way that it cannot ignore."

-Neil Gaiman, InterWorld.




Halloween is quick approaching, so I'll be doing some slightly spooky Loops for the remaining week or so we have left.


Your thoughts have power. That might be a sort of "No duh" statement, but it runs deeper than you might think. There have been several experiments which suggest that exposing water to different kinds of focused thoughts (happy vs. sad, grateful vs. angry, etc.) cause its crystalline structures to change shape. Happy and grateful thoughts generate symmetrical patterns, while negative thoughts cause it to generate asymmetrical and irregular shapes. Our consciousness affects the world around us, even if only on a molecular scale. 


Another interesting thought experiment is a phenomenon known as a "tulpa." This is a loosely translated Tibetan word that means "emanation," "phantom," or "conjuration." It is defined as an apparition created by the mind using a powerful concentration of thought. There are entire communities centered around the creation and maintenance of tulpas. Ready for the spooky part? Many people have reported that their tulpas take on a mind of their own, essentially becoming imaginary friends that no longer obey their creators. The horror essentially writes itself from there.


By shaping your perception and your beliefs, it is possible to influence your mindset and even your physical health. Do not undersell the importance of your strongly-held beliefs. If you believe you are weak or strong, smart or stupid, your reality will bend to that narrative.  







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