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ENDS SOON! Anyone Can Invest in SlideBelts. View Campaign

Jordan Lee

Tuyo Serà

Happy Monday!



Take a minute and make a list of the things you want. Now go over that list and consider which of those items are really vital to you, and which of them would just "be nice." This might seem like a silly exercise, but I'll tell you the reasons I had you do it. 


1. You are the ONLY one who can decide what is important to you. That means you are the ONLY one who has your interests at heart.


Does that sound harsh? Cynical? "Surely, my parents/significant other/friends are looking out for me, because they care about me." That may be true.  But everyone's perspective is skewed by their own experience. Nobody else, no matter how close, can know exactly what you want. It's your responsibility to decide what drives you, and go after it. 


2. Drains on your time/money will always multiply as far as you allow them (and frequently beyond that).


Of course, there are many things beyond our control. Disaster can strike without warning. Events can take unexpected turns. But there are also a myriad of tiny choices we make which take a toll on our resources. We all have limited time and money, so it's of paramount importance to carefully consider the value of the things we spend them on. Is there an expenditure that you can cut? Is there a toxic person who's only sapping you of your energy and happiness? To risk a cliche: life is too short. 



Go get it, whatever "it" is to you!


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