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ENDS SOON! Anyone Can Invest in SlideBelts. View Campaign

Brian Soell


Happy Tuesday!

We all realize the importance of communication and the significant role it plays in our lives. It's an area that now matter how much experience one has, one can always improve. I read an article that highlighted 8 important habits regarding public speaking. 


1. Posture - Keep your spine straight. This also helps with proper breathing and oxygen flow.

2. Chin up - Keeping your chin up is certainly relevant beyond communication.

3. Good eye contact - Avoid glancing sideways and if necessary, use your eyes to glance at your notes, rather than dropping your head.

4. Speak loud enough - Ask someone in the back of the room if they can hear you.

5. Gestures or Still hands - Use gestures that highlight key points or otherwise, keep your hands still. Think of someone you respect that's an eloquent public speaker and how they utilize their hands when being interviewed or speaking.

6. Movement - Use movement to signal transitions or emphasize certain points. One example is moving from one side of the room to the other when introducing a new idea.

7. Audience analysis - Know your audience to ensure you are using language that fits. You don't always have to use complex terms and in certain contexts, it might be counterproductive. 

8. Speed - Especially when introducing a new idea or to emphasize a point, it's alright to slow down. 

9. Pauses - It's alright to pause when speaking. In a lot of instances, utilizing pauses in tandem with slowing down can make your speech have more impact.


Finally, don't forget to relax. I know public speaking can be very stressful for some people. Hopefully, these tips help. 


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