Brian Soell

You won't see their Super Bowl Ad

Happy Tuesday!

You might have seen that Converse recently announced the first redesign in their brand's history. A recent article by Jeff Beer, on Fast Company's Co.Create website, touched upon this new launch.


Rather than pay for TV commercials or other forms of advertising to highlight this historic redesign, Converse decided instead to offer free studio time to musicians through their Rubber Tracks global program. Converse received over 9,000 applications and selected 84 acts, from 28 countries, to record at 12  studios around the world. 


Here's what Geoff Cottrill, vice president-general manager of brand and segments for Converse, stated regarding what "free studio time" means: "The artists record for free, we keep nothing, we ask them for nothing, we don’t use their likeness in advertising, nothing."


Furthermore, Cottrill described what he shared with his team, "We have to imagine that a reporter is standing outside that studio and is going to ask every single artist who comes in, ‘How was it?’ And they’re either going to say, ‘It was awful, they made us sing about their sneakers and own all our music, it’s terrible.’ Or it can be, ‘It was great, they really helped.’ That’s the criteria for success. It’s that simple. What would someone say after spending time with us? So we work hard to make sure the experience is as good and professional as possible. It’s changed how we think about our consumer experiences, and whether we’re really making it about them or whether it’s just another brand activation where the brand makes it about themselves."


Regardless of your role at SlideBelts, that's a fantastic question to always be asking, "What would someone say after spending time with us?" 


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