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Jordan Lee

Do You C What I C? (Seven Keys Series Part VII)

Looks Like We Got a Case of The MONDAYS.


This is the end of the line for the Seven Keys series. Consistency time, fellas.


Finally, a situation where I can use a Food Science analogy without it seeming weirdly forced. Yaaaay! What do you think is the number one hallmark of a skilled beer brewer? Is it the Civil War throwback beard? The sleeve tattoos? Perhaps it's a thorough knowledge of Hops and bitterness flavor profiles? Nope. While those things are all common among beer brewers, the primary quality that sets a serious brewer apart from an amateur is CONSISTENCY. What an unexpected and strangely relevant twist! If you want to sell beer (or any other food product), you need to do two things: make a beer that people want to drink, and make that exact same beer over and over again. Budweiser has over ten different Hops (the plant that makes beer bitter) variants, so that if one of their Hops harvests goes bad, the flavor profile isn't unduly harmed.


When you purchase a food item, you expect it to be essentially identical to its predecessors. That comes from careful control over every manufacturing and sourcing process involved in the making of the item. Fun fact: Did you know that it's entirely possible to make Cheetos with the same flavor, but without the messy orange dust? However, the manufacturer doesn't do that, because people have come to expect the dust as part of the "Cheetos experience." When Coke tried to make New Coke, a sweeter form of Coke that they confirmed was preferred in several blind taste tests, the backlash was enormous. People want what they've always gotten. In a changing world, consistency makes you reliable and valuable. It shows that you have the discipline and skill to stand steady on shifting sands. 


P.S. Don't forget to place your orders for Sky Sushi tomorrow, ya'll. All aboard the sushi hype train! WOO WOO!



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