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Courtney Eilhardt

5 Things That Prove You're Smart

A recent Forbes article I dove into explained the high costs of getting a truly accurate IQ test done. To be honest, I’m not sure I’d appreciate having an exact number to place my intelligence along a scale of people anyway, but a study of the numerous IQ tests taken over the years did find some correlations to higher numbered individuals, including these five:

  1. You’re anxious - yay! Not always a bad thing..this comes to people who can comprehend the ramifications of what may become..I guess you’re extra extra smart if you can harness it for good!
  2. You were an early reader - going to have to ask my ma about this one
  3. You’re left handed - Interestingly enough, this has also been known to correlate with the chances someone being a criminal..hmmm
  4. You took music lessons as a kid - The flute counts. I checked. Probably not as smart as those piano playing kids though..
  5. You’re funny - This correlates with both verbal intelligence and abstract reasoning, which gives me a new appreciation for Aziz Ansari

Whether you have 1 or 5 of these qualities, I just saved a ton of money on IQ tests by switching to the Loop (;


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