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Jordan Lee

Coup de Grâce (Seven Keys Series Part VI)

Happy Thursday!


This Loop is on the penultimate (word of the day, meaning "second to last") Key, "Get 'er Done!"


"The only good task is a dead task," that's what I always say. And by always, I mean just now. Most people are too lazy or timid to follow through properly and tie up every loose end. But, imagine you're writing your life's story. Are you willing to leave parts blank, for someone else to fill in? The description of this key says, "follow through religiously." Be a zealot.  Resist the urge to leave small things to chance. A half-done task, like a wounded and embittered enemy, is likely to return to haunt you. Extinguish every ember and spark that could spring into a new fire. Say with perfect certainty, "There is no sequel to this story. The bad guy isn't coming back. I'm living happily ever after. The end."