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Brian Soell

4 Steps

Good Morning!

While there are a variety of paths to success and how to achieve goals, I came across an interesting article discussing Warren Buffet's approach. If you're not familiar with Warren Buffet, he's a very successful businessperson, philanthropist, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, a father, and a grandfather. 


Here's how Buffet recommends prioritizing your goals:

1. Create a list with the top 25 things you plan to accomplish in the next few years or even in your lifetime. Write down what's truly important to you that you have not achieved yet.

2. Review and select your top 5 items on this list. What's the highest priority for you?

3. Formulate a plan for how you're going to approach tackling these 5 items. 

4. Those remaining 20 items you didn't select, have become your "avoid at all cost list." Instead, focus on the top 5, and don't concentrate on the other 20 until you've succeeded with your top 5. 


As you can see, Buffet feels that focus and prioritization are crucial to accomplishing one's goals because the distractions never end. 


Whenever you combine knowing what you want, being open to learning how to get there, and then, remaining tremendously focused on these aspects, you will be well positioned for success. Enjoy today!


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