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Jordan Lee

Hearts and Minds (Seven Keys Series Part V)

Happy Monday!


Today's Loop will be on Open Mind Policy.


Everyone can teach you something, even if it's how NOT to live. You can always tell who is ignorant of this fact, because they're some of the most frustrating people to deal with. They're so sure that their way is the best that they utterly deny any other point of view. It's not just the crusty hidebound dinosaurs who refuse to give up their AOL subscriptions. Anyone can fall victim to the trap of personal dogma. "This is MY way, and if I back down from my position, I'll be admitting weakness."


To (loosely) quote Marcellus Wallace, "That's pride messin' witcha. It always hurts, and never helps." Maybe it's because we don't like the person us giving advice. Maybe it's because we've held the belief so long, that abandoning it seems sacrilegious. But it always comes back to vainglory, our tiresome need to defend our self-image and justify the effort we've spent thus far to cling to our ways. It prevents us from making necessary compromises, and stunts our ability to learn new things. Why bother with it?


Consider new ideas carefully and without prejudice. Don't let your preconceptions blind you to new possibilities. 


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