We made the Inc. 5000 list... AGAIN! Check out our ranking here.

We made the Inc. 5000 list... AGAIN!
Check out our ranking here.

Jordan Lee

Go, Go, Go! (Seven Keys Series Part IV)

Happy Thursday!


Time for the second "S"! Today's Loop is about Sense of Urgency.


We've all had to work with someone, either in school or in the professional world, who seemingly takes pride in doing the bare minimum. It's sometimes considered cool to avoid doing your job as much as possible, as though one is "sticking it to the man" by scraping by. However, like cheating, this practice harms the doer more than it harms the employer/teacher/whoever. If I've said it once, I'll say it twice: this is all about forming habits and patterns. Making a habit of skating by with a "C-" amount of effort spills over into all other aspects of one's life.


I will confess I spent most of high school and a goodly part of college skating by, not studying, barely taking notes. My mindset was that school was just a stepping stone to a career, so why put in the effort? However, as time went on, I began to realize how absurd this was. Could I take my wasted potential and hoarded effort with me into the next stage of life, like a pharaoh with his treasures? Nope. It was disrespectful to my teachers and it was disrespectful to myself and my potential. This time is the only time we will ever get, so make the best of it! Push hard and hold nothing back.



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