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ENDS SOON! Anyone Can Invest in SlideBelts. View Campaign

Brian Soell

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Happy Tuesday!

Welcome back everyone from the long weekend. We are aware that Pixar spends a lot of time bringing great stories to life. One of their key processes is utilizing a method rooted in positive psychology.

Long before a movie ever appears on a movie theater screen, Pixar's writers and creative teams story board their ideas. Within this creative process, if an employee has a new idea, one cannot immediately criticize or judge the idea. Instead, their fellow employees utilize a technique called plussing.

For example, they adjust their language to state something such as, "I like...(picking out something positive) and what if...(providing another perspective)." This is a very subtle tweak to their language, which also creates a shift in one's mindset and contributes to a positive culture. How would you react to someone responding with: "Yes, and...what if...?"


on September 4, 2015
So far so good. I'm very thin, so a leather belt that fits is hard for me to find. This is the best of two kinds of belts. It's as secure as a metal buckle belt, it doesn't slip at all. It's also cut to size, so after trimming conservatively, and then some more, and more and more i got it perfect. Trim too much? They'll send you a new piece of leather. The only test now is will it hold up? From other reviews it sounds like it. Other great feature: people aren't always the same weight, and it's not always an inch difference in waist size, so the 1/4" or so adjustability means it fits even if you just pigged out over the holiday seasons and gained a few pounds, even during the meal. Anodized finish stood up to crawling the dune climb at sleeping bear dunes in michigan without a scratch, so i'd say it's a durable finish. I plan on getting more of these belts in other colors.


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