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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Brian Soell

Visualize it

Happy Tuesday!

Are you aware of a positive habit that countless people, from Olympic athletes to business leaders, utilize to be successful? The habit and technique is visualization. Visualizing an event in vivid detail can help you better prepare for the event by helping reduce some of your fears, better prepare you for the unknown with an event, and might even assist you with your performance of the task. In an article written by Daniel Goleman (a researcher and author known for his work on emotional intelligence), he shared this:


"Imagining something in vivid detail can fire the same brain cells actually involved in doing that activity. The new brain circuitry appears to go through its paces, strengthening connections, even when we merely repeat the sequence in our minds."


Essentially, our brains don't always know the difference between just mentally rehearsing and walking through an activity vs. actual physical activity involved with that task. How can you utilize visualization?