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Jordan Lee

Practice Your Practice! (Meditation Series Part VII)

Happy Monday!


We've gone over a lot of tips and tricks for how to meditate, but I feel there is one point that is necessary to tie them all together. That is: Do it! Practice your practice.


Many people have a tendency to think of meditation as a mystical ritual that you do in a quiet room. Once they finish one sitting, they forget all about it until their next session. What a waste of potential! Meditation is not meant to be isolated to the time you actually spend sitting with your eyes closed. It's about systematically changing your mindset to be healthier and more effective in all aspects of your life. What good does it do you to meditate on patience and acceptance if you're not going to use it to be more patient and accepting when dealing with the people you care about in your daily life? Everybody has their own things they do to practice meditation in their day-to-day, but here are a few of mine:


-Focusing on my breath when I'm stopped in traffic

-Going over the Loving-Kindness "sublime attitudes" in my mind when someone frustrates me

-Using mindfulness to focus when I'm cooking

-Using mindfulness to separate myself from anxious thoughts


Little victories accumulated through practice add up to a greater whole. Like anything, the more you practice, the more use you'll get out of your meditation. What are some seemingly mundane things you could improve through meditation? 



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