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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Rick Lilley


Happy Wednesday team!

I hope everyone had a nice fun/relaxing 3 day weekend. Branding and Brand Identity is something that we have been discussing lately so I thought I would share this excerpt from “Unlabel” by Marc Echo. Authenticity is one of the most important things when creating a brand like we are here. It is also one of the hardest things to establish, maintain and quantify but I think he does a pretty good job of explaining it here.


We want to organize our life in rational, logical, quantitative ways. But humans are not rational. We are emotional creatures. And just like there is no straight line in nature it's impossible to imagine your life in such an organized fashion. We are, after all, just one big work in progress.

AUTHENTICITY is a work in progress. Too many business and self-help books give tidy little formulas and Venn diagrams for success like A + B = C. It's not that simple. Even if some Doogie Howser-type brainiac could actually crunch the numbers and compute a number -- authenticity score of 72.0829, say -- that score of "72.0829" is constantly changing.

The answer is a constantly iterative thing. It's not a measure that's neatly defined by a number. It's a moving target. The forces of life are always changing.


My perscription isn't something you can just slavishly follow, and the formula will be different for everyone. It's not important that you use my formula to build an authentic brand, but it's critical that you develop your own.

It's critical that you dig deep down, from the inside out, and look outward and upward for your Vision for the Future. Not a vision of the gatekeepers' future. But a future that's authentic.

Thanks Everyone, have a great week!