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 Support Breast Cancer Awareness 
$10 Donated with Each
Pink Belt Sold

Brian Soell

"Can you tell me how to get..."

Happy Monday!

For those of you who watched Sesame Street as a kid, here are 10 lessons (according to Jennifer Kotler, VP of Research and Evaluation at the Sesame Workshop) entrepreneurs can learn from Sesame Street:

1. Explore Your World - Discover, explore, & enjoy the journey

2. Spend Time with People Different than Yourself - Spend time with diverse people

3. Share - Give and share

4. Listen to Others - Listen first

5. Be Kind - Don't be a bully

6. Say Thank You - Acknowledge & appreciate when someone does something nice for you

7. Try Something New - Push your comfort zone

8. Exercise Is Important - Stand, walk, run, etc. Sit less!

9. Be Curious & Keep Learning - "In order to stay relevant in the workplace, we all have a responsibility to stay curious and keep learning as much as we can."

10. Don't Give Up - Persevere

These 10 lessons are still relevant no matter what your age is. Be great today!