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5 Skills

Good Morning!

I came across the findings of The Great Work Study, which was a cooperative study conducted between O.C. Tanner Institute, Forbes, Insights, and the Cicero Group. This study examined "...nearly two million cases of award-winning work, surveyed 10,000 managers and employees, and conducted more than two hundred one on one interviews to (sic) discover that winning awards (at least at work)..." is correlated with 5 skills. Here are the 5 skills award-winning workers demonstrated: 


1. They pause - They are intrigued by their audience and who is the recipient of their work. Many ask, "What difference could I make that others would love?”

2. They go to where their work is received - "Award-winning workers actually go watch their work being received." They go talk to someone face-to-face rather than just sending them an email or an instant message. 

3. They talk to strangers - "Award-winners reach outside of their inner circle and ask for opinions and connections of others." They want constructive feedback and to hear honest opinions.

4. They tweak stuff - "Instead of trying to invent something new, they add or subtract something from an existing product or process that the recipients of their work will love." 

5. They stick with it - "...90% of award-winning work projects include people and teams who follow the work all the way through implementation and beyond."

What are your thoughts on these findings?  

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