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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Brian Soell

State of mind

 Good Morning!


TJ Thompson is renowned for building and repairing guitars. He was interviewed in the book, Clapton's Guitar by Allen St. John. (Does anyone know which musician this title refers to?) When asked about what distinguishes an exceptional guitar from a really good one, Thompson explained, "It’s a combination of about 600 things….Number 1 is the state of mind of the person building the guitar."  


So it's not just what tools he has access to, or simply what lessons he has learned, or even how successful he has been making and repairing other's his attitude and mindset first and foremost that's most important for the quality and distinctiveness of the guitar! Whatever your combination is for creating or doing exceptional work, remember to begin with being present and having the proper mindset. After that, you can tackle the other 500+ steps.


Be great today! 

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