Matt Edwards

Time Flies!

We have all heard the saying “Time flies when you are having fun” and most of us (if not all) think or know by now that this is true. But why do the good times have to fly by and be gone so quickly?

Something I have been doing lately is living more in the present time, the now. Instead of looking forward to what’s coming next. Did you know that people spend more time planning a two week vacation than they do planning their life? (According to Zig Ziglar) That’s Crazy!

It is easy to forget about all the positive things and accomplishments through the week, if all you can think about is your vacation at the end of the month. My advice to all of you is to try and incorporate this into your life not just at work but away too, and really soak up the full potential life has to offer.

Live Now!

Thank you Mandy for all you have done for the SlideBelts Team!

Enjoy your new journey in life!

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Bykaren schulzeon December 25, 2014

Color Name: Black Leather with Big Winged Black Buckle

I love these belts. this is the second one I have bought. nothing wrong with the first one just wanted another for extra. a great idea especially for someone like me who is losing weight you can make micro adjustments quick and easy.